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 Our approach to helping you, or your loved one, is what has helped each and every person involved in this mission, leading them to Jesus Christ! He truly does break every chain. He frees the bound, heals the sick, restores the broken, and so much more. Our program will be a 14 month program with 8 months being residential. Walking biblically through the 12 steps while having discipleship classes, mentoring, lessons, church services, bible studies, and much more. After the first 30 days employment will be required and we will provide services to help obtain local jobs. Responsibility, and Accountability in a structured environment with chores to do around the center, community outreach, rules and discipline. Our focus is for our clients to obtain and cultivate a relationship with Christ who will free them from bondage.

We also offer in house counselling, along with physiocratic mental health diagnosis, accompanied by ID Genetic testing, to ensure our clients have every change for long term success.

If you commit to this program with an open heart/mind, do your part, we will promise you Jesus will do his... You will find much more than sobriety.

You will find FREEDOM !

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